Environmental Review - Spring 2017 Part 1

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Looking back over the past few decades, we can celebrate success in having avoided wide-scale environmental disasters caused by air and water pollution, a depleted ozone layer, etc.  It took more time than it should have, however we eventually slowed /stopped the use of dangerous pesticides, fluorocarbons and leaded gasoline.  All of this has helped the environment tremendously. 

However, the evolving fight to keep Earth healthy continues…  With perhaps more dire consequences than ever before!

What follows is Part 1 of a 2 part collection of some of

the best environmental related quotes and stories from the Spring of 2017

Climate change and ocean acidification continue to be two of the biggest environmental concerns of the year, with some progress being made, but lots more work to be done.  It appears that the short & simple solution is that we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions while conserving / growing the world’s forests - This will support the natural health of the planet in order for future generations of life, including humans, to survive and hopefully thrive!


Check out this short video from just over 20 years ago.  A 12-year-old speaks to the UN, imploring the adults of the world to stop destroying the planet.  While we’ve managed to stop/minimize some damage, much more work need to be done, and in many new areas…



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Inspirational success story of the Rainforest Alliance.  30 years of working to “save the rainforest”, for the benefit of all of us on the planet.


“What matters most is positive change on the ground for the farmers, the foresters, and their families, for the forests, the oceans and the rivers, for the countless endangered species that have a right to exist.”

Daniel Katz, Rainforest Alliance founder


The warming trend continues with 2016 the hottest year on record.  We can't control El Ninos, however we can do something to reduce C02 emissions!



As the permafrost melts at the top of the world, new concerns and unknowns will need to be faced…



Environmental Quote - Urban Canairie Blog

Short article on how nature and trees can help cities to be more resilient to natural disasters and climate change.



Deforestation is an environmental “Triple Threat”...  Solutions to keep trees in place, yet have enough room for crops to feed the world are needed -  Some are being developed…



A great article on Sustainable Forestry – The ‘balance’ needed to ensure the Earth’s lungs are healthy for all humans and other life on the planet. 10 steps on how to do it right.



Environmental Quote - Urban Canairie Blog

So…  The planet that we live on appears to be in the worst shape of the modern human era, with climate change and ocean acidification threatening to have serious impacts on the survival of life on Earth…

What we need is for the good people of Earth to work together with a common goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, conserve and grow the world’s forests as well as come up with other new and innovative solutions.  History has shown that we can do it, however we must all act now!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and more environmental stories...

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