Environmental Review - Spring 2017 Part 2

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Looking back over the past few decades, we can celebrate success in avoiding wide-scale environmental disasters caused by air and water pollution, a depleted ozone layer, etc.  It took more time than it should have, however we eliminated/minimized the use of dangerous pesticides, fluorocarbons and leaded gasoline which has helped the environment tremendously. 

However, the evolving fight to keep earth healthy continues…  With what appears to be more dire consequences than ever before!

Below is the second and final collection of some of the best environmental related quotes and stories from the Spring of 2017.  Climate change and ocean acidification continue to be two of the biggest environmental concerns of the year, with some progress being made, however with lots more work to be done.  It appears as though the simple truth is that we must reduce carbon dioxide emissions and conserve and grow the world’s forests in order to ensure the natural health of the planet in order for future generations of life, including humans, to survive and hopefully thrive!

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Emotional video featuring the Pacific Climate Warriors and Canadian Indigenous people showing the damage being done to the world, by the Canadian Tar Sands projects - Bringing oil to the USA and other parts of the world.  How much longer are we going to allow this environmental disaster to happen!



Encouraging news from India, the fourth largest producer of Carbon Dioxide in the World.  They plan to reduce their dependency on coal by building the world's largest solar power plant.  Harnessing the power of the sun across 2,500 acres!



Wondering who the top 5 guilty parties (of producing energy related C02) are?  They are China, the United States, Russia, India and Japan, with the USA being the highest (worst offenders) per capita.  Details, along with more interesting information can be found at:


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April’s ‘Climate March’ from a National Parks perspective.  Great work has been done in the past to protect the Parks, however we are now facing the “greatest threat to the integrity of our national parks”...  Support your Parks!



Earth day 2017 was a time to recognize the latest trends in the changing environmental landscape.  Water, for drinking and in the oceans, need to be protected, as does wildlife around the globe.  This is not a helpless situation, but we must act now!


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More than half of the world’s coral reefs are gone or dying…  The impact on the rest of the planets’ lifeforms, including humans could be significant…



Great solution for one of the biggest carbon polluters – How emissions from a cement plant can be turned into BioMass fuel



Five cities that are leading the way for sustainability…  clean energy and solutions for climate change.  We need to replicate these actions across the country / globe!


Urban Canairie Environmental Blog - Reduce C02 and protect/grow our Forests

So…  The planet that we live on appears to be in it's worst shape of the modern human era, with climate change and ocean acidification threatening to have serious impacts on the survival of life on Earth…

What we need is for the good people of planet Earth to work together with a common goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, conserve and grow the world’s forests along with coming up with other new and innovative solutions.  I know that we can do it, however we must with time-sensitive urgency!

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