Urban Canairie Sun Hats - Our Hat is Better

by being cooler…  and environmentally friendly

The great outdoors is even greater when you stay fresh, comfortable and energized.
When the sun is shining, its important to wear a hat.... but baseball caps
and wide brimmed hats make you hot & sweaty because heat gets trapped inside.

For anyone who loves being outdoors, we believe the Urban Canairie is the perfect hat. It is strong, lightweight and protects you from the sun without making you hot, so you can enjoy being outdoors longer.

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Urban Canairie Hat - Light and Airie

Urban Canairie’s patented design, was developed to keep your head cool and face and eyes shaded. Featuring a flat top and a mesh venting system, the Urban Canairie releases heat and lets air flow through - Even better, it doesn’t give you “hat head”.

Urban Canairie Sun Hat - lightweight sun protection.  Stop overheating

If that wasn’t enough, the Urban Canairie sun hat is environmentally-friendly. Its made from 65% recycled water/soda 'P.E.T.' bottles and 35% 'G.O.T.S certified' organic cotton. This reduces landfill waste through recycling, and minimizes pollution via an ecologically friendly and sustainable process for dyeing and finishing fabric.

Urban Canairie Sun Hat with vented ear / neck shade - Stay cool with full sun protection

For those long days under the relentless sun, Urban Canairie sun hats are also available with a removable ear / neck shade. We offer both vented (mesh) and solid neck shades that simply 'snap' on and off your hat as required.

The Urban Canairie is made in Canada. While others mass produce overseas, our hats are made by skilled crafts men / women, working with their hands and sewing with fabrics & materials supplied by an American company.

  • At half the price of a heavy wide brim hat, our mesh hat provides a much cooler hat wearing experience when enjoying the great outdoors
  • The Urban Canairie is offered in light colors to reflect the sun's rays, further reducing heat build-up
  • The bottom side of the visor is anti-glare, minimizing the amount of light that reflects into your eyes
  • The headband is made with a sweat absorbing, moisture-wicking material
  • You can wash an Urban Canairie by hand with a mild detergent, scrubbing the sweatband with a toothbrush. The hat can also be machine washed, using the gentle cycle & cold water.
  • The Urban Canairie is a "one size fits most" with a velcro strap allowing for precise adjustments. Our hat fits: Size 6-7/8 (head circumference of 21~1/2 inches or 55cm) to 7-3/8 (23~1/8 inches or 59cm)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: You’re going to love your Urban Canairie. If you are not happy with it, just ship the hat back to us for a full refund. Our Satisfaction Guarantee page has complete details.

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Jeff - Meanderthals Hiking Blog (internetbrothers.org)
"I found the Urban Canairie to be quite comfortable. The mesh vent really works… Air gets inside and heat goes outside… Simply put, the concept works."

Diane - hiking-for-her.com
"My other hiking ball cap style hats can get a bit toasty when the weather warms up - Not this hat! The mesh allows any cool breeze that happens your way to soothe the top of your head as you're working hard on the trail. These hats are well made, with quality stitching and a beautifully finished appearance… I'm a fan!"

Jovo - mountainsforeverybody.com
"The cap is really comfortable and more ventilated than any other reviewed."

Mark - themountainhiker.com
"…it is lightweight and well ventilated… doesn’t make my head overheat. This is the perfect hat for hiking… It's so light and airy, that I usually forget that I have it on."

Tim - averageoutdoorsman.com
"Urban Canairie hats are great for hiking, camping, and fishing. Anytime you are working up a sweat in the great outdoors is a great time to wear this hat… If you want a hat that allows for the heat to escape and the breeze to flow through, then the Urban Canairie hat is perfect… I recommend this hat for everyone."

African American Golfers Digest (africanamericangolfersdigest.com)
"a revolutionary hat that does triple-duty in keeping you cool, comfortable and protected... a sophisticated look and feel"

Golf Gear Geeks (golfgeargeeks.com)
"…hat design has been given an upgrade! …really well made …perfect for golfers …the ventilating design would be perfect for those long 18 hole rounds in the dead of summer."

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Urban Canairie Sun Hat with ear / neck shade for cool full protection

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    • Obviously, mesh material does not block 100% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, however we believe that the Urban Canairie hat provides the right balance of sun protection and hat breathability. For extended durations with full sun exposure, we recommend using a high SPF suntan lotion on your ears and neck.
    • The hat may be a little "different" looking, however we now live in a world where uniqueness is accepted. As John Maynard Keynes once said - 'The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas, as in escaping from old ones'.