Golfers - Our Hats Keep You Cool

Urban Canairie Sun Hat - lightweight sun protection.  Stop overheating

‘Beat the Heat’ with a unique golf hat

that provides sun protection and a ‘cooler’ hat wearing experience.  Our hat protects your head, face and eyes from the sun, while venting heat from your head - Cool comfortable relief, so you can spend more time on the course!


You probably enjoy getting out of the office / house as often as you can, to get some exercise with friends on a beautifully landscaped golf course, listening to the birds and looking forward to hitting that next shot 'just right'. Whether you're just out having fun, or you're playing a serious round, it's always great to be out in nice warm sunny weather. As you know, the sun's harmful rays need to be avoided.  You also know that keeping your head cool is one of the best ways for your mind and body to stay fresh and relaxed...
The problem is, wearing a regular "baseball style" golf hat usually makes your head hot, which in turn makes you uncomfortable and tired. At Urban Canairie, we believe that the main reason you get so hot while wearing most hats is because they actually trap and retain heat from your head, on your head, compounding the problem.
If you love being outdoors, we believe the Urban Canairie is the perfect hat. It is strong, lightweight and protects you from the sun without making you hot.  This allows you to enjoy being outdoors longer. Urban Canairie’s patent-pending design, was developed to keep your head cool and face and eyes shaded. Featuring a flat top and a mesh venting system, the Urban Canairie releases heat and lets air flow through - And it doesn’t give you “hat head”.  
Urban Canairie Sun Hat - lightweight sun protection.  Stop overheating


If that wasn’t enough, the Urban Canairie sun hat is environmentally-friendly. It’s made from 65% recycled water/soda 'P.E.T.' bottles and 35% 'G.O.T.S certified' organic cotton. This reduces landfill waste through recycling, and minimizes pollution via an ecologically friendly and sustainable process for dyeing and finishing fabric.

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