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Urban Canairie Sun Hat - Media Kit

Urban Canairie originated from a love of the outdoors - One day after an otherwise enjoyable hike, Mark Freeman was tired of being uncomfortable from the over-heating caused by wearing a baseball cap (for sun protection). As he was not able to find a cool and comfortable hat on the market, Mark decided to create his own. Inspiration came from the cylindrical shaped, flat topped military “kepi” hats from the French Foreign Legion and U.S. Civil War. By keeping the top of the hat flat and adding a vent strip, Mark realized it would let the heat escape and air flow. After tweaking the design (more than) a few times, the Urban Canairie was born – A lightweight hat that keeps you cool while providing protection from the sun.

Urban Canairie hats are made in Canada, using fabrics sourced from the USA.  Our name is made up of "Urban", reflecting the increasing trend of people living in cities and "Canairie" which is an acronym for Canadian, Airy and Irie (meaning happy and content).


Designed for an active lifestyle - Urban Canairie sun hats are lighter and keep you cooler than baseball caps or wide brim hats, offering the right balance of sun protection and heat-venting comfort.

We care about the planet, so we’re environmentally friendly - The Urban Canairie is made from 65% recycled water/soda 'P.E.T.' bottles and 35% 'G.O.T.S certified' organic cotton.

Urban Canairie launched it's on-line store in the fall of 2016, and folks from the outdoors community have embraced it - Check out our Testimonials.  Urban Canairie hats have been sold to customers in the USA and Canada.  

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Urban Canairie Logo - Enjoy your day in the sun!

Urban Canairie hat Pic1   Urban Canairie Sun Hat - lightweight sun protection.  Stop overheating