Urban Canairie sun hats:  Testimonials - Good things people are saying...

Customer Reviews:

Jeff of Meanderthals Hiking Blog (internetbrothers.org)

"I found the Urban Canairie to be quite comfortable. The mesh vent really works… Air gets inside and heat goes outside… Simply put, the concept works"

Diane of hiking-for-her.com

"My other hiking ball cap style hats can get a bit toasty when the weather warms up - Not this hat! The mesh allows any cool breeze that happens your way to soothe the top of your head as you're working hard on the trail... These hats are well made, with quality stitching and a beautifully finished appearance... I'm a fan!"

Jovo of mountainsforeverybody.com

"The cap is really comfortable and more ventilated than any others reviewed"

Mark of themountainhiker.com

"…it is lightweight and well ventilated… doesn’t make my head overheat. This is the perfect hat for hiking… It's so light and airy, that I usually forget that I have it on."

Tim of the averageoutdoorsman

"Urban Canairie hats are great for hiking, camping, and fishing. Anytime you are working up a sweat in the great outdoors is a great time to wear this hat… If you want a hat that allows for the heat to escape and the breeze to flow through, then the Urban Canairie hat is perfect… I recommend this hat for everyone."

African American Golfers Digest (africanamericangolfersdigest.com)

"a revolutionary hat that does triple-duty in keeping you cool, comfortable and protected... a sophisticated look and feel"

Golf Gear Geeks (www.golfgeargeeks.com)

"…hat design has been given an upgrade! …really well made …perfect for golfers …the ventilating design would be perfect for those long 18 hole rounds in the dead of summer"